Senior Pastor
Michael Tapplin

Pastor Tapplin is a charismatic leader, entrepreneur and provocative thinker. Pastor Tapplin has a unique way of teaching Christian how to live by God Kingdom principles. Pastor Tapplin has served over 20 years in Air Force retiring in 2001 from military to join God’s army full time. In 2007 Pastor Tapplin steps out on faith with 11 members to fulfill God purpose and calling on his life. Although Pastor Tapplin have traveled all over the world nothing could prepare him for Ministries to Pastor Tapplin it was simple for him, simply be in Christ Jesus in all that he do. Give Jesus Christ all the praise and glory for all he will do in his kingdom.

Beyond the pulpit, Pastor Tapplin loves reaching the lost from the convalescing Homes to feeding the homeless. This inspirited Pastor Tapplin and his wife of 17 years to open Back 2 Basic Community Distribution Center to assist those in need with nonperishable products, he have a heart to serve God people. And he believe God has giving us the resources we need to move God Kingdom forward with God being the center focus.

Pastor Tapplin is a humble man with a passion for God people. Truly loving to do God’s will for God’s people. Along with his wife Co-Pastor they have four children and three grandchildrens.